Cosa ha detto Barroso sui Maro’

Finalmente l’Unione Europea dice qualcosa sulla vicenda dei due Maro’ italiani. I media riportano con forza che Barroso minaccia l’India. In realta’, la vicenda e’ trattata in calce ad una dichiarazione piu’ articolata e, parafrasando un po’, Barroso salomonicamente se ne lava le mani. Qua di seguito il paragrafo della dichiarazione di Barroso:

Finally, a point that Prime Minister Letta has raised with me and on which we have been in close contact with the Italian authorities, is the issue of the Italian marines in India. The European Union continues to follow the situation very closely. Any decision on the case may have an impact on overall European Union-India relations and will be assessed carefully. The European Union encourages India to find, as a matter of urgency, a mutually satisfactory solution to the longstanding case of the Italian marines arrested in February 2012, in accordance with international law and the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. This issue has also a bearing on the global fight against piracy, to which the European Union is strongly committed. Also, at this occasion I said clearly that the European Union is opposed to the use of the death penalty in all cases and under any circumstances.

Comunque ne ha parlato, forse dobbiamo accontentarci.

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